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This page contains files to my projects, presentations, and course work.


Mail: israeldi@umich.edu

Tel: (734) 845-8431

About me

I am a Second-Year Masters Student at the University of Michigan pursuing dual degree in 1) Quantitative Finance and Risk Management, 2) Applied Statistics. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Financial Mathematics from University of Michigan. I have programming experience in C++, Python, SQL, Matlab, and R. My interests are developing trading strategies using statistical and machine learning models.

In Summer 2016, I interned as a compensation consultant for a boutique firm, Meridian Compensation Partners LLC, and researched relationships between executive incentive plan designs and company performance. Recently in Summer 2019, I interned at PNC bank working for their Market Risk Management department.

In addition, I have taken on leadership roles in the Quant Program by conducting weekly workshops since Winter 2019. I also served as instructor for the 2019 Quant Orientation Bootcamp.



Here is a copy of my Resume.


This page (Coursework) contains various worked-out problem sets and projects from my courses at University of Michigan.


This page (Projects/Competitions) contains presentations and competitions I participated throughout the year. Most notably myself and a team of five classmates were finalists in the 2019 IAQF competition.

Quant Lab

Quant Lab is the name of our student-led Workshops for discussion of quantitative finance problems and coding, occurring every friday morning. I have been leading the workshops since Winter 2019. Check out the Quant Lab Homepage for details.


If you are new to Github, click here. You can view all of my public files on my Github Homepage.