Projects and Competitions

IAQF 2020 Competition Report

Option Pricing - Dash Web Application

Built interface for calculating option prices of binomial tree models from user input. I designed this interface to be used by students in Math 423 (Mathematics of Finance) course. Dash App

Terminal Competition

Participated in Terminal Live competition during Fall 2019. See our algo.

Terminal Live Competition, AI tower defense game (Ann Arbor, MI) September 2019.

IAQF 2019 Competition Report Finalists

5th Annual Midwest Case Competition Finals 3rd place 2019

Student Machine Learning Seminar Winter 2019

  • Recursive and Recurrent Neural Networks Literature Review from Deep learning, by Goodfellow, Bengio, and Courville

Jane Street Puzzles Leaderboard

QFRM Master’s Program - Friday Workshops


Projects and Coursework EBook

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Project Euler

Below are automatically generated questions in Jupyter Notebook format from Project Euler.