STATS 506 - Computational Methods and Tools in Statistics

This page contains files to my projects and course work from STATS 506 (Fall 2018)


Final Project

Monte Carlo Tutorial.

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Bonus Project

Health Care Procedure Trends (HCPCS).

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Problem Sets

Problem Set 1

Bash, NYC Flights 2013-2014 (R), RECS Census 2015 (R)

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Problem Set 2

RECS Census (Stata), 2005-2006 NHANES ORAL Health (Stata), NHANES (R)

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Problem Set 3

RECS (data.table), Monte Carlo Study (R), Univariate Regression (data.table)

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Problem Set 4

Lahman Baseball (SQL), Parallel Computing (R), 2016 Medicare Provider Utilization (SAS)

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