Tutorial for Building your Own Site

1. Download These Files

2. Create your Github Page

  • Follow the instructions on this Github Guide for creating your webpage.
  • Don’t worry about a theme. The files we downloaded from the repo will take care of this.
adding repo to GitHub Desktop

4. Edit the _config.yml file

The main fields to change here are:

  • minimal_mistakes_skin : This will change the color of your homepage. You have many theme options such as: “default”, “air”, “aqua”, “contrast”, “dark”, “dirt”, “neon”, “mint”, “plum”, “sunrise”
  • title, name, description, url, repository
  • Site Author Section
    • name, avatar, bio, location. Note: to change your “avatar” (profile picture), this is located in the assets folder.
Change Profile Picture

5. Edit Your About Page

Now we can edit the contents of your page. Find the about.md file insde of the _pages folder. Fill this with all sorts of Markdown Language, which is exactly the same syntax you use to edit your Jupyter Notebooks.

Change Profile Picture

6. Edit Your Site’s Navigation Bar

  • In this case find and edit the naviation.yml file inside of _data folder.

7. Commit your changes

  • Remember to commit your changes on Github Desktop in order to update your website page.

8. Sample Websites

Check out these website profiles using this theme!


For More information and additional tips and tricks, go to author’s website.